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Puroflux offers a broad spectrum of permanent media filters in a range of materials and configurations. Our standard filtration products can be applied to a variety of conditions for the removal of suspended particulate. Custom systems
can be engineered to meet specific requirements, including the use of different filter media to enhance filtration.
Permanent Media Filtration
Permanent media filtration has a distinct advantage over disposable bags, cartridges or hydrocyclone separators. Permanent media filtration is a positive filtering media that is easily backwashed for cleaning. Puroflux filters utilize the finest media. This media can be used individually or combined to optimize filtration efficiency. Puroflux standard media physically removes particulate 10 micron and smaller.
Filtration Cycle
Influent1 is directed through a series of valves into the overdrain of the filter, where it is evenly distributed over the filtration media. It is then forced down through the media bed where the suspended particulate is trapped in the voids formed between the media. The clean effluent2 then passes through the underdrain and is returned to the original source. As the voids in the media are filled, the filter will start to blind off. When the maximum differential pressure is reached, the filter will require a backwash.

Filter Cycle

Backwash Cycle
The filter is backwashed by reversing the fluid flow through the filter. The backwash fluid is directed into the filter through the underdrain and up through the media. As the backwash fluid moves through the media it causes the bed to lift and separate. The tumbling action of the media causes a scouring effect which releases trapped particulate and suspends it in the backwash flow. The fluid then carries the particulate that is suspended up through the overdrain and out to waste.

1 Influent (In-flu-ent): Wastewater or other
liquid flowing into a treatment process.

2 Effluent (Ef-lu-ent): Wastewater or other
liquid flowing from a treatment process.

Backwash Cycle

Filtration - Sand, etc...

Puroflux Filtration Catalog
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Puroflux Filtration Catalog

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