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Free Water Treatment Analysis!

Free Water Treatment Analysis! 

VRTX (Pronounced Vortex) manufactures non-chemical water treatment systems that (for a monthly cost that is less than or equal to your current water treatment) in addition to a monthly visit to test and report water conditions and maintain, inspect and calibrate equipment includes the installation of a basin sweeper and filtration/seperator system that will save your company thousands of dollars a year in chemical and maintenance costs and potentially millions of gallons of water in blowdown every year!  Want More? You can even choose to reuse your blowdown for applications like watering the grounds and so on because the blowdown from a VRTX system is chemical free and safe for the environment!  What could be better; save money while saving the environment and never send maintenance crews out to clean your tower again!  And yes, VRTX is a registered biocide so it kills bacteria growth while controlling scale and corrosion!

To schedule a free inspection where we come out and inspect your system of interest please:
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